High School Contact

If you are not a School Administrator, Athletics Director or Coach of one of Arkansas’ many fine high schools, this page is not for you.

School Admins, ADs and Coaches, welcome to YOUR Contact Page for the FearlessFriday.com team. This page contains valuable information and gives you a bit different access to the Fearless folks, while making sure we prioritize your requests via the contact form below.

First, the key players:

Lanny Beavers
Site Owner and venerable grumpy old man.
Brian G
Responsible for running the live Scoreboard and the Pick’Ems, as well as managing Fearless’ Twitter account. Primary person handling current and previous season schedule corrections/issue resolving.
Leland Barclay
Responsible for School Profiles/Bios, Conference and Division changes, as well as working with Doug to get each year’s HS football schedule onto the site.
Doug Hazard
School Logos, School Colors, Stadium Details, School Social Media details, working with Leland on the HS football Schedules, web developer (specializing in WordPress), Server Administrator.

There are, of course, countless others that work hard to make sure Fearless Friday is the best possible site it can be for all of your fans. We just wanted to highlight the four people above, because most of your contact needs will fall onto one of their laps.

When you contact us using the form below, Lanny will automatically be included on that email. If you contact Lanny, no one else is included on that email.

IMPORTANT: You must be authorized to request changes on behalf of your school or district, and must contact us using your official school or district email address.

We will prioritize your request(s) over any other contact we get from the main contact form.

Again, just a gentle reminder that this is for School Administrators, Athletic Directors and Coaches who need to reach out to specific people on FearlessFriday.com


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