Welcome to FearlessFriday.com! Today is Wednesday, September 17th, 2014.
Jacksonville voters have voted to break from the Pulaski Co school district. This will impact upper classifications for all sports.
Week 2 has 100+ games again. Come to FF for the latest scores and chat.
Your participation is very appreciative.
Your original site for AHS Football scores.....
Scoreboard off to a great start! Thanks to those of you that contributed and those of you that simply enjoy the board.

Football Pick'Ems

Welcome to the FearlessFriday Football Pick'Ems, !  You can modify any open Pick'Em that you see, for as long as they're open.  This will also tell you who won that particular week's Pick'Em.  Remember, this is for fun, so enjoy yourself!

Looks like you're not going to play the Pick'Em or view the Pick'Em leaders until you register for the message board, and/or log into the message board.  Please use the upper right hand box to do either, and then come on back to make your selections!
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