Welcome to FearlessFriday.com! Today is Friday, November 28th, 2014.
GAME DAY! Start time for all games is 7:00. 7A, 6A & 5A are semifinals and 4A, 3A & 2A are quarterfinals. #goodluck
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you from the gang at Fearless Friday.
We're flipping the switch at FF. Quarterfinals in 4A, 3A & 2A and Semi's on 7A, 6A and 5A. Scoreboard and pick'em ready t
Add Smackover as a Mercy Rule winner making it at least 10 of the 36 winners.
Don't forget to watch the Fearless Friday Scoreboard Show at 10:30 shown statewide. Check local listings.
Fearless has just broken it's online record. How high can we go? Thanks everyone!
Where can you share & discuss tonight's results? http://www.fearlessfriday.com/yabbse/

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