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UPDATE CON'T: If full days are wiped out again & we wrap around to Mondays it will certainly add intrigue to the FINALS schedule in
UPDATE CON'T: Obviously a lot has to do with each individual situation. I can see 7A and 6A going if teams make it to the site. con�
WED NIGHT UPDATE: Right now, their hoping for a miracle and play in classes on Thur. Likely, that ain't happening. con't
WEDNESDAY will be a dead day for the Basketball Playoffs. Push back one day.
Sunday finishes scheduled and new brackets will take a bit to be posted on the times.

Fouke's 2008 Schedule

Game IDDateHomeAwayNotesGame Info
#76792008-09-05Dierks (34)Fouke (6)
#78622008-09-12Spring Hill (20)Fouke (22)
#79072008-09-19Fouke (39)Foreman (0)
#80152008-09-26Fouke (19)Parkers Chapel (30)
#81712008-10-03Prescott (60)Fouke (12)
#82212008-10-10Fouke (14)Camden Harmony Grove (49)
#83812008-10-17Rison (46)Fouke (0)
#84282008-10-24Fouke (21)Gurdon (20)
#85252008-10-31Drew Central (14)Fouke (40)
#86512008-11-06Lafayette County (18)Fouke (39)
#87292008-11-14Glen Rose (42)Fouke (14)
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